Click HERE to sign the petition to make Dogecoin the official currency of Mars.



The People of Earth call on:

Elon Musk - CEO of Tesla, King of $DOGE, Future President of Mars (Planet)

Kamala Harris - Vice President of the United States of America 

Mars (Candy Company)

Pete Buttigieg - Director of Transportation (Can literally transport dogecoin to Mars)

Snoop Dogg - The original doge

TO MAKE DOGECOIN THE OFFICIAL CURRENCY OF MARS. We imagine a rapid, systematic integration of $DOGE as the transactional payment standard on Planet Earth will allow this process to move smoothly and quickly. This will take time. This will take energy. And this will take a hell of a lot of Dogecoin. All necessary parties should take this demand for change seriously. We WILL make change with coins, dogecoins specifically.

We're asking for 5,000,000 signatures to garner the attention this important message deserves.

Dogecoin, and shiba inus alike, have been labeled as "fun", "nice", and "cute", which while true, implies a certain limitation to their abilities. We're here to say, "That's not entirely true, why would you say that?"